Conqueror 3

  • EDWARD III Plantagenet, King of England (1327), * 13.11.1312 at Windsor Castle, + 21.6.1377 at Sheen Palace, Surrey of a stroke and buried in Westminster Abbey, Md. 24.1.1328 at York Minster, Philippa of Hainault, *c. 1313/4 at Valenciennes or Mons, Flanders, + 15.8.1369 at Windsor Castle and buried in Westminster Abbey, d. of William V “the Good”, Count of Hainault and Holland and Joan de Valois of France.
  • A1.Edward Plantagenet, “the Black Prince”, Prince of Wales, * 15.6.1330 at Woodstock Palace, Oxfordshire, + 8.6.1376 at the Palace of Westminster and buried in Canterbury Cathedral, Kent (See Image) Md. 10/11.10.1361 at St. Stephen’s Chapel, Palace of Westminster, Joan Plantagenet “Fair Maid of Kent”, *29.9.1328, + Aug. 1385 at Wallingford Castle, Berkshire and buried in Greyfriars Church, Stamford, Lincolnshire (See Image) d. of Edmund Plantagenet, Earl of Kent and Margaret Wake.
  • A2. William Plantagenet, *c. 1334/6, + before 3.3.1337 and buried in York Minster.
  • A3. Lionel Plantagenet, Earl of Ulster (1347), Duke of Clarence(1362), * 29.11.1338 at Antwerp, Brabant, + 17.10.1368 at Alba, Piedmont, Italy and buried at Pavia, Italy but moved to Clare Priory, Suffolk, Md.1)15.8.1342 at the Tower of London, Elizabeth de Burgh, Countess of Ulster, * 6.7.1332, + 10.12.1363 in Dublin and buried at Clare Priory, Suffolk, d. of William de Burgh, Earl of Ulster and Matilda of Lancaster.
  • A4. John “of Gaunt” Plantagenet, Duke of Lancaster (1362), *c. March 1340 at St. Bavon’s Abbey, Ghent, Flanders, + 3.2.1399 at Leicester Castle and buried in Old St. Paul’s Cathedral (See Image) Md.1) 19.5.1359 at reading Abbey, Berkshire, Blanche of Lancaster, * 25.3.1345, + 12.9.1369 at Bolingbroke Castle, Lincolnshire of the Black Death, d. of Henry of Grosmont, Duke of Lancaster and Isabella de Beaumont.
  • John of Gaunt Md.2) 21.9.1371 at Roquefort, Guienne, Constance of Castile, de jure Queen of Castile, * 1354 at Castro Kerez, Castile, + 24.3.1394 at Leicester Castle and buried in Newark Abbey, Leicester, d. of Peter I “the Cruel”, King of Castile and Maria de Padilla.
  • John of Gaunt Md.3) 13.1.1396 at Lincoln Cathedral, Katherine Swynford, *c. 1350, + 10.5.1403 (she became John’s mistress c. 1371 and their children were given the name of Beaufort).
  • A5. Edmund Plantagenet, 1st Duke of York (1385), * 5.6.1341 at Abbot’s Langley, Hertfordshire, + 1.8.1402 at King’s Langley, Hertfordshire and buried in the Mendicant Friars’ Church, Md.1)c. April 1372, Isabella of Castile, *c. 1355, + 23.11.1392/3, d. of Peter I “the Cruel”, King of Castile and Maria de Padilla.
  • Edmund Plantagenet Md.2) 1393, Joan Holland, *c. 1380, + 1434, d. of Thomas Holland, 2nd Earl of Kent.
  • A6. Thomas Plantagenet, Earl of Buckingham (1377), Duke of Gloucester (1385), * 1355, + 1397, Md. 1374, Eleanor de Bohun, + 1399, d. of Humphrey de Bohun, 11th Earl of Hereford and Joan FitzAlan, ISSUE SEE.
  • A7. Isabella Plantagenet, * 1332, + 1379, Md. 1365, Enguerrand II, Lord of Coucy, Count of Soissons, Earl of Bedford, *c. 1339, + 1397, ISSUE SEE.
  • A8. Joan Plantagenet, * 1335, + 1352 of plague.
  • A9. Mary Plantagenet, *c. 1344, + 1363, Md. 1361, Jean IV “le Vaillant” de Dreux, Duke of Brittany, * 1339, + 1399.
  • A10. Margaret Plantagenet, * 1346, + 1361, Md. 1359, John Hastings, 2nd Earl of Pembroke, * 1335, + 1375.

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